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If I don’t have photos of your favorite temple, use this page to leave a request for the one you’d like to see on

I love to travel, and I think it would be great to photograph every temple in the world. But there are no guarantees I’ll get to your temple quickly. Of course, posting a comment here will help me move yours to the top of the priority list :-)


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  1. I request the Washington, D. C. temple! :) I love the ideas of this site (the wallpaper, the art and the micro-lending) and the pictures are so lovely. This is a great idea. Thank you. :)

  2. Travis, I really like the site. For someone who is living out of the country, this is a great site to get some good LDS photography. I request the Salt Lake and San Diego temples.

  3. Ooh, ooh! How about the Boston Temple?!? I have been searching – and I mean SEARCHING – for a good photo of that temple for our home. There are some out there, but none that we love yet. I just found your site tonight (thru a tip off from a blog) and will be passing it on to family and friends. Your work is lovely – thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Your site is fantastic! I’d also love to see pictures of the DC temple. We just moved to that area and would love to have a picture of it in our home. I still haven’t found any that I really love, but I really like your style, so I think you’d do a great job!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. My parents were sealed in the Swiss temple and have no pictures from the day or of the temple at all. WE (my siblings and I) are always on the lookout for a good print of the Bern Switzerland temple and have yet to succeed.Any desire to go to Switzerland?

    1. Lisa. I would LOVE to go to Switzerland to photograph the temple. But as a student, I probably won’t be able to afford it for several years. I hope you can find a good picture before then. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you in a few years : )

  6. My parents got married in the Provo temple as well and I never thought it was very pretty until I saw your photo! Nice work. I, personally, would love to see your take on the Columbus, Ohio temple. You could hit up some church history sites while you’re out this way. Think of the possibilities….

  7. I love your temple photography! It’s talent like I’ve never seen before! It changed my view of the Provo temple like night and day. St. George is my temple, and I would LOVE to see what you would do with that temple.

  8. Beautiful photographs! However, you are missing the Mesa Temple! My husband and I were married there, but I have yet to find a photo of that temple that I love enough to hang on my wall. Help! :)

  9. Your pictures are amazing. I have never thought the Boise temple was beautiful, but your picture changed my mind. It is amazing! I would LOVE to see the Logan, UT temple please!

  10. We have been looking everywhere for a picture of the St. Paul, MN, temple that is pretty enough to put on our wall. We checked out the privately owned LDS bookstore down the road from the temple, and they too are looking for a pretty one. It would be a great opportunity for you, and it would be much appreciated by everyone in the state! I’ll be happy to pass along your info to every Minnesotan Mormon if you ever get the chance ;)

  11. I would love to see the Los Angeles, CA temple on your site. Your photos are gorgeous and we would love to use one of your images as our Mother’s Day gift given to all of the women over 18 right after Sacrament meeting. Last year we gave a photo of the Savior, the only image almost as good as that is the temple! Thanks so much for posting your images on the internet for free download. This is an amazing site.

  12. Your photography is gorgeous! I wish to request the Los Angeles, California temple. It’s so dear to my heart. Thanks!

  13. I’m doing a temple wall of all the temples I visit and so far have only used your prints! I love them! I want to add my vote to San Deigo, as well as Newport Beach, Gilbert, and Snowflake.

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