Logan Temple Summer Day

I got this shot right after my cousin Chase’s wedding. Congrats to him and his beautiful wife!

I’d also like to honor my friend Ashley with this post. She was also married here, and she’s been the paradigm of friendship over the years.

We have two versions of this print.

First there’s a landscape version:


Then there’s a vertical one too:


And here’s a temple WALLPAPER FOR YOUR DESKTOP [click to load]:

3 thoughts to “Logan Temple Summer Day”

  1. What a beautiful day to get married! Two amazing pictures! How lucky for me. And I’m truly honored. Thanks Trav.

    1. These pictures are copyrighted. They also have the HelamanGallery.com url embedded in them. As long as you leave the URL in the picture, it’s okay to use them how you want. Glad you like them too!

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