• Who created this artwork?
    • Most of the art was created by this guy.
  • Why the name HelamanGallery?
    • The gallery is named after Helaman (son of Alma), who took on his father’s great legacy in becoming a warrior, a missionary, a statesman, and a father. Each of us get to carry similar legacies of our own, and this artwork is a reminder of those.
  • Where does your logo come from?
  • Should I get a poster or a canvas wrap?
  • What size should I get?
    • Mostly you should measure your wall and decide on what size will look good. Also, remember that most frames include a matte which creates white-space that helps emphasize the artwork, so make sure to factor that in. This sizing chart may help too.
  • Can you customize an order for me?
    • Yes. We love custom orders. We can do black and white versions of any of our prints. We also put family names and wedding dates on prints. Use the contact form below to tell us what you’re looking for.


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